Jocelyn is the nicest person we’ve ever met. For the longest time, we thought she might have been messing with us. Turns out it’s 100% genuine, though, and her clients get to reap the benefits. Every agent in town loves working with her, and her clients swear she’s an angel. Jocelyn has an extensive background in developer sales and incredible working knowledge of the construction process. She specializes in the Naval Square community, but works all over Center City. And don’t let the nice-guy thing fool you…she’s a fierce negotiator, is incredibly saavy navigating the sales process, and has her hands in more things than we can comprehend. In addition to being everyone’s favorite agent, Jocelyn owns and runs Green Engine Coffee with her husband, Zack, in Haverford (we love the free coffee), has a new restaurant concept on the way in Headhouse Square, and is mid-renovation on her Bainbridge St. house. She lives in Graduate Hospital with Zach, her two boys, Liam and Conner, and Star, her German Shorthaired Pointer.