Since coming out of retirement in 2017, Lauren’s impact on the Main Line real estate industry has been immediate, and sort of extraordinary. She’ll talk to anybody (it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen), and is really, genuinely interested in what they have to say.  Be prepared for a million questions, though :). Building on nearly a decade of developer sales, her transition to Keller Williams has been a breeze. Now free from cumbersome corporate restrictions and dress codes, Lauren is now free to be…well…Lauren. And her clients couldn’t be happier about it! A lifelong Main Line resident, Lauren’s knack for matching clients to properties has quickly made her one of the most sought after brokers in town. Her enviable rolodex of clients and associates, a lifetime in the making, makes her the natural choice for younger families relocating to the Main Line from their city homes, those who maybe have outgrown their first suburban house, and really anyone in the market to buy or sell a property on the Main Line. She’s consistently able to harness the power of her database, and deliver unmatched results for her clients. Lauren is a total workout enthusiast. She loves Solid Core, and tells Paul that $35 per class is important ‘networking.’ Lauren also loves shopping for sport (anywhere really, T.J.Maxx and Saks equally), is in the third year of an endless renovation in Penn Valley, and managing a house with kids Reese, Sydney, and the dog she never wanted, Penelope Rainbow Ice Cream Cone Lipowicz.