And so the adventure begins…

Not many have a story like this one. From devastation and loss, to the city and back again, to growing a family and making three houses their homes…this is the story of Eris and Christian.

In 2008, Eris and Christian lost everything due to a fire in their Conshohocken apartment. They were homeless, lost their cherished belongings, and were forced to start all over and pick up the pieces while living with Eris’s parents for six months. Even though both Eris and Christian worked in the suburbs at this time they were drawn to and loved everything about the city. They began to research where they were going to start over and Eris came across The Essex (300 N 3rd Street in Old City) online. With Christian being an architect and Eris’s love for design they were attracted to the historic landmark building and could appreciate the mix of old world charm and newly renovated interiors. Paul was the listing agent for The Essex and he was the first person that Eris and Christian met when they went to look at the building. Eris prides herself on having a good read on people. Christian agrees that she has a gift and her read on people is spot on. Eris knew right away that there was something special about Paul and she said “I love this guy. He has to be our realtor.” At that time, the architect in Christian was just thinking “I love this building.” He wasn’t far behind though in sharing Eris’s feeling for Paul. Christian said that Paul figured them out right away. He understood their wants and needs and was not going to steer them off course. There were 18 units available and Eris and Christian were the second to buy in the building. They quickly fell in love with the city and particularly the neighborhood. They embraced city life driving around in their Mini Cooper and frequenting a little market down the street where they would go for tastings, talk intimately with the store owners and knew they could count on their favorite soup being served every Wednesday. These local comforts are what made Eris and Christian feel at home.  They were living a life of city bliss until…

They turned 30! All at once they decided they wanted to have a baby and move to the suburbs. Eris became pregnant quickly and the commute from the city to Wayne was exhausting. They put their home up for sale and moved back in with Eris’s parents when she was eight months pregnant. Once again, Eris and Christian needed Paul’s help to find them a new home. And that is exactly what he did. Paul found them a mid-century modern house in Wayne five minutes away from Eris’s work. The house embodied Eris and Christian’s vibe and was full of character. Eris felt that this was the house and told Paul and Christian that if they lose that house she will hate both of them! No pressure. Unfortunately, Eris and Christian experienced a set back and lost the house to an all cash offer. They were extremely disappointed and needed to figure out how they were going to fix this loss. Super Bowl Sunday 2013, Paul called Eris and Christian and told them the deal fell through and the house was back on the market. Yes, Paul is an agent that works on Super Bowl Sunday! Enough said. Eris and Christian gave their very best offer and were determined to get this house. Again, another cash offer came in and it seemed hopeless. Paul never gave up though and stayed on top of this house.  Ultimately, the cash offer fell through once again and Eris and Christian finally got their long awaited home in mid-June 2013 just in time for their son, Noah, to be born July 4th.

Fast forward three years. Eris no longer works in Wayne and travels more for work. Christian is teaching at Philadelphia University and his projects are predominantly in the city. They went in to the city to visit friends and realized that they have been wanting and thinking about moving back to the city ever since they left. Eris said “they loved the idea of the house in the suburbs more than they loved the house itself.”  It was time to call Paul. Of course he answered right away, got a photographer in to shoot the Wayne house on a Thursday and it was sold by Monday. Now back to the drawing board of finding the perfect home in the city.

Paul found Eris and Christian a little town home, duplex in Society Hill. It is everything that the Wayne house was not. It is less house and more home. Eris and Christian beat to their own drum. They know what they want and what they like and Paul was able to identify their needs along their journey. Eris said “this is the happiest I have ever been in a home. I can see myself living here forever.” They love the charm of the neighborhood and being in the center of one of the  historic districts. They frequent Three Bears Park and their favorite local restaurant is The Hungry Pigeon. Eris said “my family is just alive here. All three of us. It feels like we are home.” What more could you ask for? Even though Christian is the architect in the family, Eris is the one who has decorated the interiors of all their homes. She believes each home deserves its own character and due to the traumatic experience of losing everything in the fire, she likes to start fresh in each new home. She strips down the home and sells everything and doesn’t move into a new home with any old furniture.  Eris says “I have a creative vein that has never been satisfied. My dream was to be a fashion designer.  Decorating is a hobby for me and my style is a fusion of Scandinavian and Mid-Centry design.”

Eris and Christian have quite a soft spot when it comes to Paul. They truly love him. He is always straight up honest and understands his customer’s needs and who they are. Eris said “I am always humbled by someone’s ability to work. Paul hustles. He is always available.”  Christian added “Paul never was frustrated by us. I will never forget Paul waiting under an umbrella in the pouring rain for us with a smile on his face.” Christian always loves talking to Paul because it means things are happening. He loves the thrill of buying and selling housestogether.  Paul was able to sell two houses for Eris and Christian that were very unique. There were no comps for these two homes and Eris and Christian had a price set in their minds. They wanted to move and didn’t have to and they were willing to wait for the right price offered. Paul accepted the unique aspects of these homes as a challenge and it drove him to make these sales happen.  It was a no brainer for Eris to refer Paul to her sister when looking for a home.  Eris and Christian recommend Paul and his team any chance they get.

Three purchases and two sales later, Eris, Christian and Noah are where they are meant to be. They are home.