Friends who are family…

From no hurry in wanting to leave the city, to planning to move from the city when their daughter starts first grade, to receiving that fate-filled phone call that changed everything…this is the story of Ashley and Paul.

Rewind to 1989. Imagine two adorable Pauls who are best friends. A couple years down the road Lauren enters the picture. Lauren meets Ashley and thinks to herself she is beautiful, sweet and perfect and has to meet her boyfriend Paul’s best friend. This was over 11 years ago and the rest is history. Ashley and Paul are married and living happily in Queen Village with their five year old daughter, Olivia Rae, who was about to start Kindergarten at their beloved St. Peters School. Their son, Logan Henry, just arrived last April completing their perfect family. Ashley and Paul felt settled and happy with their life. Leave it to Lipowicz+ to change that up.

As comfortable as they were, Ashley and Paul had always planned to move to the burbs. Lucky for them, Lipowicz+ knew exactly what they were looking for and what kind of house it would take to finally get them to want to make the move. Lipowicz+ was constantly looking out for the right home. That was such a comfort to Ashley and Paul knowing that was going on in the background at all times and none of their time had to be wasted going to look at tons of houses. They could continue to go about their lives in the city doing all of the things they enjoyed most. Ashley always said “If my phone ever rings and I see Paul Lipowicz’s phone number, there is a 90% chance that I should start packing.”

When Ashley and Paul received that call from Lipowicz+ that they found the house for them they knew it was for real. Whether they were ready or not this was it. And they were exactly right. The house was spacious, was in the right price range, on a tree-lined street, with the right amount of land. Paul said “the house has the perfect yard for their kids and dog. It isn’t a cookie cutter house. It is a unique home that we can grow into and expand on and not all of the work needs to be immediate so it eliminates that feeling of being overwhelmed. And the location is ideal. My commute to 19th street from Bryn Mawr is the same as it was from 4th street.” Ashley said “I love that this house has an informal, casual floor plan. It provides an open space where people can just be comfortable. I want this house to be where our kids’ friends come to hang out and are at ease.”

Ashley and Paul were so impressed how Lipowicz+ had the eye for a home with immediate and future opportunity. They have the ability to understand someone’s personal tastes and needs. When describing Lipowicz+ Ashley and Paul said “They provide the perfect balance from a team perspective. Lauren Lipowicz brings the emotion and the excitement. Paul Lipowicz brings the logic and the numbers. They are able to look at a house differently and creatively come up with different ideas together. You feel like you need both of their blessings to get it right and for the magic to happen. Paul Lipowicz can just get things done. He makes things happen. He needs to be creative and work through caveats when they present themselves and he is flawless at doing just that.”

Lipowicz+ not only found Ashley and Paul their dream home, they also sold their city home for asking price. They were aware of the sensitive timeline and the importance of lining up the closings of the two homes and they accomplished that seamlessly. Ashley and Paul bought the Bryn Mawr home in July and wanted to move in after Labor Day because they wanted to get some work done prior to moving in and the city home was sold end of August.

Knowing that Ashley and Paul needed some work done on the new home, Lipowicz+ put them in touch with their own contractor, electrician and roofer and removed this additional stress for them. They were able to hear ideas and prices from the very beginning. Lipowicz+ brings design and construction experience that is unique and brings a level of service to the customer beyond typical realtors.

Ashley and Paul are getting acquainted with their new neighborhood. The Lunch Box in Gladwyne is a new home base to go on weekends with their kids. They love a morning ritual where you can grab breakfast and coffee. The Guard House is also becoming a fast favorite. Ashley said “our neighborhood is so welcoming. We didn’t miss a beat as for sense of community.” Their daughter, Liv, loves to play hide and seek in the new house. Paul said “this is something new our daughter plays in this house. She loves the space she has to run around and then jump out and scare us. The pure and natural joy of watching our child play this timeless game is amazing.”

Buying a home can be a daunting, stressful experience. This wasn’t the case for Ashley and Paul. They worked with a fun couple, who has a team of experts at their fingertips and a design and construction sense that you can’t compare. You don’t get that with everyone. Everyone was a little nervous about working with friends, but this crew easily made it work. When you are more like family than friends, it is easier to pinpoint exact wants and needs. Ashley and Paul are so grateful for that phone call.