Good things come to those who wait

Almost four years to find their dream home, initially not knowing what they wanted, enduring an emotional rollercoaster of price adjustments and negotiations…this is the story of Renay and Scott.

Renay and Scott started the home search shortly after their daughter Sophia was born. She is now four years old! So you can say this was a process. In the beginning, Renay and Scott were indecisive and just exploring all of their options. Not knowing what you want could be a hurdle for some realtors but not Paul. Renay said “Paul was so patient. He never pressured us. He was willing to show us all different kinds of homes and never got discouraged or jaded when our search had to be put on hold.”

Renay and Scott knew that their time in the city was coming to an end but Renay had every reason to want to stay. She had her sister and best friend living a block away. Scott and Renay’s son Henry was born a week apart from her sister’s daughter. Long walks with the babies in strollers and taking them to classes together is any sister’s dream. Renay could imagine Henry and her niece attending pre-school together but then a very special listing in Penn Valley caught their eye. They didn’t even care about seeing the house in person. They knew they wanted it! The price however was a hindrance to their excitement.

Fast forward a year…the house is back on the market and at a price that makes Renay and Scott’s dream a reality again. Scott said he was so impressed by Paul’s professionalism. He called Paul “the puppet master.” He said he was amazing at pulling strings and making things happen. “There was every opportunity for this transaction to fall apart and Paul kept it together.”

The Shaws are quickly adjusting to their new neighborhood and suburban lifestyle. They are enjoying all aspects of their home that city living did not provide them. From the swing set in their backyard, to the sprawling driveway, to the amazing space…they are loving life. Renay said “we always wanted a stone colonial in a beautiful neighborhood, excellent schools and the curb appeal that makes us smile when we come home.” That is exactly what they found. Their daughter Sophia’s favorite part of her new house is her princess room. She has a princess crown over her bed and is living a real life fairy tale. Renay and Scott love exploring their new neighborhood and have found some favorite stomping grounds in the short three months they have lived there. Scott loves the wings at Penn Valley Pub and Renay enjoys taking Henry to The Little Gym in Narberth.

The Shaws spend their weekends hanging with friends at each other’s houses. That is what they enjoy doing most. Renay and Scott said they will refer Paul to anyone and everyone who is looking for a home. He was on top of everything from start to finish.  This story is about good things come to those who wait. Or in Paul’s case maybe it is good things come to those who hustle.